Hiring Made Easy.

When you hire an Antonelli Institute alumnus, you can feel confident that he or she has been taught the necessary professional and program specific skills needed to be a successful and contributing member of your team. We can help put you in touch with current students and graduates who would be suited for your company or projects.

We consult and work with our faculty, employers, Program Advisory Committees, and creative professionals, like yourself, on program improvement so our students get work-ready training in the classroom and in the field. When you hire Antonelli Institute students or graduates, you can be confident that they understand your industry and have the skills and values to get the job done. Our students and graduates are bright, energetic, career-focused candidates available for short-term projects and long-term talent development. 

We also have created several ways to aid in your recruiting efforts:

Share an Opportunity

If you are hiring a full-time or part-time employee, a paid intern, freelancer, assistant, second-shooter, or contract and casual employee, complete an opportunity form

Opportunities are shared with students and alumni as appropriate.  Interested candidates will contact you directly.

Hold an Employer Information Session

Employers are welcome to give a half-hour, lunchtime, employer information session. It’s a good opportunity to provide an overview of your organization, outline hiring practices, and feature current recruitment opportunities. Please book your session 3–4 weeks in advance.

Recruit On-Campus

Meet your next hires face to face. Employers are always welcome to set up in our Career Services Center during school hours.  Contact us today – you can be on-campus and recruiting in no time!  A recruitment visit may be scheduled by calling 215-836-2222. Career Services will begin promoting your visit three weeks prior to your visit with marketing materials you supply.  The week before your visit, contact us to confirm your schedule. 

Attend Our Annual Career Fair

Join us to visit our campus for portfolio reviews, informational exchanges, and interviews with upcoming graduates. Find out more by our upcoming Career Fair.

If you would like to learn more about how you can hire an Antonelli student or and alumnus, please visit our careers website and get in touch directly with career services at 215-948-9218 or careerservices@antonelli.edu.

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